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Inventory & Product Update

Inventory has been having a pretty quick turnaround this fall - thank you to all who have found us at markets or placed orders. I've got a few things to put out there in the world wide web, so here we go...

1) Lamb Chops are back in stock. We have had our shishliki chops all summer to keep up with that demand, but now have good ol' lamb (loin) chops that come four per package.

2) Lamb Roasts are back in stock, too! You've been asking for them for awhile, and so there is the option of shoulder roasts, butt roasts and leg roasts. They average 2-3lb per package - I threw one in the Instant Pot for supper last night with an Indian Curry spice mix from "Be a Kitchen Hero" and it was delish!

3) We made the decision to simplify our products and so the Garam Masala Lamb Meatballs will be discontinued. If you want 'em, you'll have to maybe come for supper bc they're my favourite and so I'll still be making them, but we won't be offering them for sale once they are gone! The Rosemary Garlic seem to be the favourite, so they will be available.

4) We are moving towards gluten-free meatballs! We have sourced certified gluten-free ground oats, and so we will be able to offer that with confidence. We are always open to tweaking what is in our control in order to feed as many folks as possible, and this is one thing that we can do. (Pending how that goes, I'd really like to do the same for the burger patties.) Currently, the shishliki and sausage are gluten-free, and of course the traditional cuts of lamb.

5) Since Regina Farmers' Market has ended for the season ( with no indoor or online option), you might be thinking it's the end of a good thing. (For the record, we LOVED our first season at RFM and will be back). However, remember that we keep a stocked freezer in Regina and so if you are wanting a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g we can work it out! Just send us a message and we can put an order together for delivery or pick-up.

I think that's all! Brain dump mission accomplished! Thanks for stopping by!



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