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our story


Our story begins with a stack of love letters.

Way back when we long-distance dated over two provinces, we would write back ‘n forth about our dreams.  We got married and started a life together and in that same year, what crop didn’t get hailed succumbed to an extraordinarily early frost. However, we were determined grain farmers. Dale had taken over his dad’s farm as a teenager. We kept pushing – expanding our acres, increasing inputs to maximize yield – in the hopes of gaining some control over our economic future. Reality and circumstances that gave us no control told a different story and we knew we had to make some changes.


Finally in 2012, we started our livestock journey with seven ewes. The following spring we pulled our first lamb and that miracle of life brought tears to Dale’s eyes – which he may never live down! By the end of that first year, we were hooked. 


Raising livestock – primarily Katahdin “hair” sheep - made our purpose crystal clear. 


Today, our sheep flock has expanded and our children have branched out in their own ag-ventures of chickens, turkeys, pork, goats & honey.  We’ve invested ample time into understanding how best to raise sheep in a way that’s both stress-free for them and healthy for the land. All that care and attention translates to a delicious and nutritionally-dense end product for our valued customers. We don’t produce food solely as a commodity without care to the animal or the environment. 



Our passion is connecting folks to our farm and to where their food comes from.From whole hanging lambs cut to your specification by our master butcher, to our specialties like shishliki and sausage, we offer unlimited choices. Our shishliki is an exclusive Saskatchewan cuisine and makes an easy, healthy dinner!


Visit our Purchase page to order online or Find Our Lamb at retail and restaurant locations.


You haven’t tried lamb until you’ve tasted Red Barn Family Farm lamb!


We’re proud to help develop a new and robust local food movement in Saskatchewan with our premium quality lamb. We thank you for your support in helping us regain control and value in the food supply system while strengthening Saskatchewan’s local economy.

Finding quality lamb in Saskatchewan – and not buying meat that’s been imported across oceans - has never been easier.

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