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Another Spotlight Moment

Hello lamb fans!

If you haven't been on social media, then you might have missed that our lamb and farm is being featured in Season 4 of a show called Flat Out Food. Episode 5 actually airs tonight!


  • 10:00pm (Wednesday) in Saskatchewan on Citytv

  • 11:30am (Saturday) on the national Citytv airwaves

The premise of the award-winning show is to highlight the amazing products being grown and raised right here in our province of Saskatchewan. Host Jenn Sharp tells the stories of producers, farmers, chefs, and makers and each episode features an ingredient. The show is an off-shoot of Jenn's book "Flat Out Delicious" published in 2020. We hosted the Halter Media team back in August when they came for two days of taping - working at my kitchen table, sharing meals, napping on my sofa - they quickly went from strangers to friends.

In the lamb episode, we share the "stage" with Jordan from Pig & Pantry in Saskatoon, private chef Jssel Hysuik from Regina, and are hosted by Dean & Sylvia from Over the Hill Orchards in Lumsden. I haven't seen it yet, but I know there is our Lamb Shishliki, Lamb Kofte (from Pig & Pantry), and the exquisite main dish Jssel prepared for the dinner scene, which was our lamb. Fun fact: the Season 4 Premiere event was catered by Jssel, and she served a room full people connected to the show our lamb again. That was pretty amazing (and we probably need to expand the flock)!

It is a privilege to be part of things like this. These opportunities find us; we don't go seeking them out - they find us! We do value the connections we have made over the years because of the way we farm is uncommon and unique. We don't feel we are a showpiece at all - there's goals to reach yet, fences to fix, a flock to feed, a barn to ready for lambing. It is still farming and the workload never ends. There's many "behind the scenes" stories to tell, and I can't wait to watch with our kids. For now, we'll just savour this moment and humbly enjoy sharing it with folks who are lamb eaters, and who might be convinced to try.



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