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We're Basically Youtubers Now

Ok, we're not, despite the anti-un-non-techy farmer saying we should be youtubers "in our spare time." <lil' bit of eyerollin'>

What happened this time: we had a email request way back in the new year from Sasktel MaxTV to send a production crew and make a feature out of us. These situations find us and we most certainly don't seek them out! We are doing something unique, and it's an opportunity to reach people with our lamb, and so we were agreeable.

The contracted crew came out right in the middle of lambing, because that sounded better than the dead of winter when we were first asked. Perfect timing to do a major spring yard clean-up and tackle a bunch of projects... said no farm family ever. Very capably, these fun guys were professionals who had a vision to pull all the pieces together into ten minutes. Of course, we enjoyed a feast of shishliki with them! The kids were a part of the action, too (except we were missing #2 as he was at work).

I think our favourite part is how there is no explanation of the Canada goose. It's just here. There. Everywhere. Always.

Anyway, here we are... a day captured for the world wide web and Sasktel MaxTV customers. We are our own worst critics, but we have to remember that we are doing something different with our farm and our flock, which has been the goal all along.



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