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Introducing: Meatballs

Hello, all! I really need to do a farm update and proper welcome to all the new subscribers (glad to have you!), but I'm just popping in quick to tell you about a new product we have developed.

We find that some folks are intimidated by cooking lamb. Do you fit in that category? This is for you then! I (Charlotte) worked on a LAMB MEATBALL that could go from the freezer to the table (ok, passing through the hot oven... technicalities, people!) to make mealtimes easier. Who doesn't want to sit down and feel like they aren't in the same rut but didn't slave away in the kitchen? I know I'm not alone! We did our best to keep the ingredients simple and honest, and even friendly for our gluten-sensitive friends. One of the best parts is how little fat there is on the pan once they are done - I think you will be surprised, too! To make it even simpler, I'm also going to hit "publish" on a post that has several sauce ideas made from no-fuss ingredients that are readily available.

Our all-lamb meatballs are a generous 1.4-oz size, come 16 in a resealable package, and the choice of two flavours. If you like classic flavours with your lamb, then you will love the Rosemary Garlic meatballs. If you feel a little adventurous, try the Garam Masala. This subtle spice blend combines tastes of the middle east: cumin, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. Inspired by my favorite way to roast a leg of lamb, they aren't spicy at all and compliment the mild flavour of our farm-raised lamb.

From our "farmer" view, creating another product enables us to use a whole lamb the best we can - and that is important to us. After we make use of prime cuts (such as racks & shanks), we often have "leftovers" - good saleable meat that would be tragic to waste. We can only make so much sausage... ground... burgers... and so now we add meatballs.

We can't wait to see what you think! Find them here. Thank you - always - for buying from a local farm.



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