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Kitchen Hero Collaboration

One of the fun things with having our lamb in some retailers is finding other really ingenious products. Our deliveries often result in buying and trying the out local brands and goods. Saskatchewan delivers, and especially during this time it is really important to support small and local enterprise.

One of the products we picked up recently is a spice blend made by CJ Katz and her brand "Be a Kitchen Hero." We have been on each other's radars, but credit to my mom (Hi Mom!) who actually ran into CJ (who is also a CTV Regina personality) at an event. That conversation came around to Mom talkin' 'bout her kids (isn't that what moms do best?), which led to emails... and here we are.

Of the Kitchen Hero line, we chose "Flaming Toque" to try first. It is described as a "smoky blend and rub... crafted with some western Canadian personality." I love the names of the Kitchen Hero spices... "Burnt Canoe", "Raving Loon", "Twisted Snowshoe" and others... so very fun!

Let's just go there: on all my lamb social media pages, when sheep people talk about cooking lamb, 95% of them will tell you "garlic and rosemary" and while that is tasty, I am ALL for trying something new. Lamb is SO much more versatile than just "garlic and rosemary" and so I purposefully (again) set out to push lamb in other directions and be a hero of the kitchen... to my family anyway, since we can't invite anyone over for a feast.

Here's my super complex recipe:

Lamb racks (I always use a boning knife to take off any extra fat)

Flaming Toque spice blend (a generous sprinkle/rub)

Nothing else.

Sear in a bit of oil over medium-high heat on the stove top, and then put them in a 350*F oven to finish roasting while you figure out what the rest of supper is going to be (I'm sure you are better planners at this than I and already had it figured out).

The Verdict: oh man, it was unanimous that the Flaming Toque blend made our lamb ahh-mazing. And it was so simple! Can you believe no other ingredients were part of this?

It is noteworthy that six people who have been staying home for way too long were completely agreeable on this, which is a feat these days because cabin fever is real and my kids are normal and rarely of the same mind. I'll take the win!

I'm looking forward to warmer days so we can repeat this on the grill. This blend also made scrambled eggs delicious, so it is usable in all kinds of applications that you just wanna spice up!

How are you being a kitchen hero these days?



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