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Lamb Rack

Lamb Rack


4-bone individual vac-packed cuts.

A 4-bone rack is approximately 1/2-lb.

(Price shown is "$ per pound")


    Lamb racks have the potential to be "art on a plate" as they are a french-cut, and what you often see on fine-dining menus - but they are also everyday fare here, too.  I have one kid in particular who loooooves any meat they can chew off a bone - and so racks are often a request.  The cut of a rack is similar to that of the more common "lamb chop", only it is meatier as it could be decribed as stacked chops.


    Just one:

    Lamb, raised on pastures and fed grain grown on our farm.


    Pick your spices (see note below), or just stick with a bit of garlic, salt & pepper.  I like to sear the juices in a high-heat pan on the stovetop and then toss in a 375-F oven for 25-35 minutes to finish roasting.


    * Spice blends that I love with lamb: Garam Masala, Moroccan, Greek or Italian... anything Mediterranean.  Lots are available in your grocery aisle.

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