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If you are reading this, that means I finally hit publish on our new website! It was long on the list of things to do "when I'm bored" (Ha, never!) until it became a necessity and got moved into priority status. The progress we have made in marketing lamb has been a wild ride, and we aren't done yet!

We are Dale & Charlotte. We have a red barn that is home base to a flock of sheep. You can read more of our story here. We feel privileged to be part of a movement that connects actual farmers to the food you are eating. There really are some creative agri-businesses gaining momentum in our province! We value the relationships, whether it is lamb-fans since the beginning, folks we meet at farmer's markets, or chefs and store owners who are passionate about lamb. Farming is so much more than producing commodities. From our new digs in internet-land here, we tell our farm story, with you. We have an online store to make it easy for our customers to connect with our lamb and other things our family produces. We love to promote and showcase our lamb raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, as we believe it to be some of the best lamb out there.

Thanks for stopping by!


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