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We've Gone to the Dogs!

First, the backstory of how we got from there to here... August 2022, we had to say good-bye to our Willow. She was an extraordinary dog and we loved her for the last 9 years. Also that same month, our very good friends found themselves to be moving from an acreage to a city lot and they had to downsize, so we were happy to give one of their dogs a home - a 4 year old female Bernese Mountain Dog. They had her as a breeding female, but season after season she had refused. She has many similarities to our Willow, and at the time, I was glad to take a mature dog and skip the puppy phase. Hilarious, isn't it?

Fast forward to October 22. I was in Regina at Farmer's Market. We had been intensively managing our dogs bc *one* was in heat. As I was leaving the day prior, I had even said "NO ONE lets this dog out of their sight or we will have Christmas puppies!" Well, our boys had a rather serious car accident that same day; there was some chaos; the dog got out for a short time, and we hoped there hadn't been any uh... activity.

Six weeks later, we were very certain there had been sufficient activity - aahhh! And so... December 22nd, we welcomed 8... 9... 11... TEN puppies. Without a doubt, our Oakie is the father. Denali has been a rockstar mom, considering this is her first go. They're in the house; so we hosted Christmas and every gathering since because we have been tied close to home so there's been tons of opportunity snuggles and socializing!

So now we are looking to find their forever-families. Here's some details to know if you are considering... they are a Bernese Mountain Dog/Maremma cross. Berners are people-pleasers and their universal goal is to make you happy. Maremmas are fiercely loyal and gentle to whoever they bond to. We already see personalities coming out in the pups, which I will tell you more about in a bit. If you book a pup ahead of 8 weeks (February 16th), we are asking $300. (Full disclosure: we are only looking to cover our costs and get some doggos fixed as we had our two planned litters out of our livestock guardians and it's time to put this show on hold. If you need some wiggle room in your budget, let's have a conversation at least). It will include 1st set of puppy shots, deworming, and health check by our vet, etc. At 5 weeks, all are on solid, softened puppy food. Their noses will continue to turn black. They are using the puppy pads pretty well, and we are taking them outside multiple times a day.

(Note: if they are highlighted, they are available)

Male 1: he is a solid guy with pretty true Berner markings, with a little extra white around his neck. He has an easy-going personality. He's Toby!

Female 1: (haha, I just start laughing when I saw who "Female 1" was...) She's a clown! She is curious, playful and loves attention. She has four white feet, white chest, abdomen. Meet Myrtle!

Male 2: This guy is Robyn's favourite. She says he is just gentle and lovable. Black & white face with no brown points, black body/white underside and we think his white might get some freckles, so he's only going to get more cuter. Hey, Harley!

Female 2: This girl - sweet Dixie - has a family! Someone please say you'll take this puppy so Dale can't fall more in love. She's sooo cute and her markings are pretty true Berner (with some extra white around her neck) She reminds us of Willow in lots of ways with her very sweet personality.

Male 3: This is Max and he has a family! He's a chunk with a comical nature.

Male 4: This is Tank and he has a family! He's been a beefcake since the start and he'll be the first one to fall asleep at your feet.

Female 3: This is Miley, and she has a family! She is black and white with very pretty feminine features. She has a lovely personality like her mom. Her coat has natural curls like mom also.

Male 5: This guy, now Koda, has size and a strong personality. He'll be a good protector of his domain.

Female 4: This is Heidi, and she has a family! She's a little bit quieter with these soulful eyes that just wait for you to notice her. Her features are a bit finer, which make her look smaller, but the scale says not. She will crawl on your lap, but what she actually wants to do is tuck her head under your chin and snuggle - her way since the start.

Male 6: This is Duke and he has a family! I think this guy is going to be an awful lot like his father. He's a big chunk with the most white of any of the pups, which makes him pretty striking. His personality is pretty chill.

If you're interested, send us a message and we can start the conversation, etc. Maybe your significant other's "love language" is puppies, and Valentine's Day is coming right up... yeah? If you know of someone who needs a good farm or family dog, these are up to the task, so please pass on the link and share!

Added later: all the pups found the most wonderful homes and have been bringing much joy to their new families. Since then, we've also been asked if we will do this cross again. They were definitely a limited edition!



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