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Three Minutes

(This happened one year ago this week and it is still a fun memory. This previously un-published post was hanging out in my drafts folder, so I'll put it out there now! Photo credits to Nicole R.)

A lot of great things have been happening in the last year as we have worked hard to put our lamb "out there." One of the highlights has to be this past Monday when we were featured for three whole minutes on Global TV as part of their "Food For Thought" segment.

[The video can be found here:

Like many things, there's more to that adventure than what the screen shows, so here's the other details of what was going on...

I had timed cooking shishliki on the clock (many, many times over) so I knew how far in advance I would have to start so we could taste it on LIVE TV. This included plugging in the grill for preheating in the only outlet to be found on the floor, halfway down a very empty hallway before we were even in.

When we did get in the studio, I had a tight wedge of space to stand between a step and my cooking island. The picture looks like there is space - I assure you there was not as it was angled in to my end. It took some concentrated thought to stay upright and not tumble backwards - it was all I could think about! There were only two kind and welcoming people working in the studio and they made it seem effortless - kudos to them and the special skillset that it takes to do their job. It is more than reading the news or reporting the weather - they hooked up my mic, briefed on questions during commercials, and were always at the ready with perfect timing.

Feigning composure & hoping the shishliki is nearing done while Chris wanders about doing weather & traffic.

Once we got rolling, it became less about "being on tv" and more about telling our story - was I really telling folks about our farm-raised lamb and making shishliki more known? Indeed I was! I was humbled by the opportunity and there was no question when we got the email asking if we would be interested.

Let me say that I love our small town. In the days following, I ran a few errands and every person I came across had something to say about it, which was a surprise and a delight, mostly because I had gotten on with the rest of life so each time it came up, I was always a bit taken aback. I wonder if I'll be used to fame once I'm on the Food Network...

It was so much fun sharing our lamb with Saskatchewan through morning television!

(Post-script one year later: Food Network still hasn't called. They obviously haven't tasted our lamb yet, so I'll add it to the list of "Things to Do in My Spare Time")



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