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The Sale Bin

We often have products that lose their seal - it doesn't take much for a sharp edge to nick a vacuumed seal. We always pull those ones into our personal freezer and that's the lamb we eat. There's nothing wrong with it; it just doesn't look as pretty for retailing. Most often, it is shanks. Occasionally it is racks, sausage, and chops (the butcher paper wrap gets punctured).

Because we have a pretty high turnover of inventory, it is freshly frozen within the last couple months. We don't sell freezer burnt anything. If you like a good deal and are open to buying product at a discount - then this is a great option for you!

Sampling of the sale bin: shanks and a rack that have blown the seal; a roast with a nick in the paper wrap.

Quantities vary, but if you are interested, send us a message and we will work a deal!



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