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Our Store is Open!

We did this for you, our customers.

We realize that it is not always convenient to attend farmer's markets or seek out retail outlets, and that it might be a challenge when you want to buy local farm products and maybe don't even realize what is available, so welcome to the Red Barn Family Farm online store.

You will see what is currently available, and the current delivery dates on the storefront page. If it's lamb you are after, there is a dedicated page here. If you want to check out what else is available, check it out here. As always, we are happy to answer questions you might have along the way.

Currently, we are only accepting etransfer, cash or cheque. When you go to checkout, use the promo code "RBFF" which will zero your estimated total when you check out. Because you are buying products that are (mostly) sold by weight, we will then pack your order and email you an accurate invoice, at which time you can pay by e-transfer or make other arrangements.

Welcome, and thanks for supporting a local farm!



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