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Lamb Ribs

We've been selling lamb ribs like crazy at farmers' markets. It is one of those cuts that people don't maybe go for as quick as others, but they don't know what they are missing!

I cooked them for supper tonight... we went from "What are we going to eat?" to ready on the table in 30-35 minutes. My secret weapon is my Instant Pot. Completely frozen, I dumped them in the pot, added a cup of water, a squirt of lemon juice, a spoonful of garlic, a generous sprinkle of dried mint and oregano and set it for 15-minutes.

That's all. If you're thinking something is missing from my super-dee-duper sentence of a recipe up there, you're mistaken. Lamb doesn't have to be complicated.

(Because I'm obviously a gourmet, it's worth noting that while the magic happened, I made mac 'n cheese from a box, tossed some zucchini in a pan to saute, and made a salad).

When the Instant-Pot announced it had finished its task, I did a quick release and marched those ribs out to the (pre-heated) bbq. I had mixed up some lemon juice, oregano, garlic & mint and drizzled it on. If I had feta, I would've crumbled some in. In a few minutes they were getting the perfect crispy bits on the edges and we were ready to eat!

If you don't have a Instant-Pot, my other go-to method is the slow cooker, which also makes them fall-apart tender, but that takes thinking and planning, so I'd love to hear from the people that are better at that than I!

If you're needing any ribs - they're here at the farm as well as in our freezer in Regina, so we can make either happen!

Happy eating!



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