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Cooking Shishliki

This is something worth talking about. I say it all the time:

"Don't undercook the shish!"

Here's why it matters... because if it isn't done right - you will know! The texture will be all kinds of wrong. IF it has a mealy, mushy texture instead of a firm, meaty texture, it needs more cooking time. But the good news is that it is not hard! Hopefully with some pictures to guide, you will get the right idea and have success.

Ready for the oven...

First of all, cook it how? My favorite method is loaded skewers on an outdoor grill. Given that most people don't grill year round, my next options are under the broiler, on an indoor grill. Second to the BBQ, the broiler usually wins as I have a family of six to feed. We get a similar result on our little grill that we take to Farmer's Markets, or if I am cooking for just Dale & I. (One day I would love to try it on a smoker, as we have customers say that is an amazing way to go...).

For the purpose of sharing this, I am broiling in a 500*F oven, with my oven rack as high as it goes. I lined a cookie sheet with foil for easy clean-up, and put the skewers directly on the foil.

Not done yet!

Here we go... this is starting to look yummy - and it is smelling pretty amazing too, so we must be ready? Nope! It is true that the edges are browning. At this point, it is edible - but it still will be too tender and soft, and not in a melt-in-your-mouth way.

Keep it going...

Looking good!

I tried to take a picture of the same pieces with the same lighting and camera settings, so you can see the difference. You ought to be able to see how much more "done" this is. Note the browned-dried up juices on the foil, and those edges have a "crispy" look to them (they aren't). The shishliki is done, and it's time to eat!

See that meaty texture in this photo? That's what you want! It should feel like meat in your mouth and nothing else.

I promise it is not hard to get to this point - it just takes a good explanation. If I could invite you all over, I would. If you find us serving up samples, be sure to stop by for a taste and say hi!

I hope this makes cooking shish even easier!


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Ephram Shwanke
Ephram Shwanke
17 de mar. de 2022

Works so well! Thanks to the tips, it tastes so good!

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