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Whole Lamb

Whole Lamb


Order a whole lamb, and you get all the choices of how you want it custom cut by our butcher.  If you need input, we are happy to help you make good choices for the way you eat.  A whole lamb is approximately 45-50lbs, hanging weight,

You can expect this bulk buy to total $300-400.

(Price shown is "$ per pound")  

New for 2020: The price is based on hanging weight, including butcher costs (whereas previously, they were added on. This simplifies the numbers for our customers.)


    Lamb by the half or whole - this is how we started selling lamb!  We have worked hard to develop a relationship with our local butcher to meet the needs of our customers. 


    Just one:

    Lamb, raised on pastures and fed grain grown on our farm.


    Because of the variance of cuts in a whole lamb, it is best to check out some recipes which are coming soon! In the meantime, feel free to ask!  We can help you choose what cuts work best for your lifestyle, too!

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