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Shishliki Chops

Shishliki Chops


New problems need new solutions!  For the first time ever, we can't keep enough shishliki in the freezer.  We are working on that, but it the meantime we have taken lamb chops - both shoulder and loin - and had them marinated in our shishliki recipe.  Same amazing flavour.  Ready for the grill; no skewers needed!

  • Story

    When we first started selling lamb to our customers, we were only able to sell by the half or whole... but we had customers that would committ to more just so they could get what they really wanted... the chops. Thankfully, we are able to offer these now as individual cuts (though we think the rest of the lamb is pretty tasty, too!)

  • Ingredients

    Just one: 

    Lamb, raised on pastures and fed grain and forages grown on our farm.