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Lamb Shishliki

Lamb Shishliki


Doesn't get any more "Saskatchewan" than this! Our shishliki comes cubed, marinated and vac-packed; it's ready to slip on the skewer and grill.  If you are new to lamb, this is a great product to try - full of flavour, so tender, and all the "how-do-I-cook-it?" already thought out for you. So easy! 


(Price shown is "per pound")

Shishliki comes in packages of 1 to 1-1/2 lb packages. Make your quantity selection based on how many packages you want and when we have packed your order, we will let you know your exact total, as we can only estimate through our online store. 


    Roughly translated from the Russian language, shishliki means "marinated meat".  It truly is Saskatchewan cuisine, originating with Doukabour settlers in and around the Canora - Kamsack region. Shishliki is traditionally made with lamb (our preference for sure).


    Saskatchewan Lamb, lemon juice, onion, salt, garlic, dextrose, corn starch, spices


    I say it over and over... Don't undercook the shish!  You need some good grill/broiler marks on there (it's just extra flavour) for it to be done right, otherwise it will be too tender (ie. mushy).  Here's two options:


    Option #1 - On the grill:  After thawing, slip the marinated chunks of meat on skewers, and put on a medium-high grill.  Lid down is best, turn after 5-6 minutes.  It needs to have the edges getting a little black to know it's done. (Total cooking time is about 10-12min, depending on your grill).


    Option #2 - In the pan: Turn your oven broiler on.  Toss the shishliki into a pan (bonus if your pan can do double duty in the oven), and saute on a medium-high heat.  You might toss in some chunks of onion, zucchini, mushroom for a more complete meal. After 7-8 minutes, put your pan under the broiler to get those edges crisping up. (Total cooking time: 15 minutes).

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