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Whole farm-raised chickens that average 5-7lbs.  Nothing tastes better.

(Price shown is "$ per pound")


    Our son, Blake, has been an ag-preneur for a good many years now (at the ripe old age of 15 years).  With great dedication, he raises a flock of chickens each year... you might say he is a "chicken tender." Fed a balanced ration mixed with farm-grown grain, the birds range free outside where they get plenty of space, fresh air, and as much exercise as they want to grow healthy and strong.




    (Not an ad, but...) I'm going to tell you that my favorite way to roast a chicken is my Instant Pot.  Forget to take meat out of the freezer again?  All the time! I put a nearly frozen whole chicken in, add a bit of water, and season with whatever the mood strikes that day. High pressure for 55 minutes, quick release and we are ready to eat.  Sure to be a "winnah-winnah chicken dinnah" every time!

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